Best thing a real estate agent can do is think about the long tern rather than the short term. in conjunction with that being client focused can bring you more returns than just making a quick buck. Check out Jeff Bezos talk about being customer obsessed way back in 1999.

Here's 70 year old Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates talking about how meditation has been his most valuable principle. Meditation is key for the development of business. The benefits it provides is unmeasurable. It's the cure to having a cluttered mind. It gives you the power to focus on the real important things in your business, rather than getting pulled into different areas that doesn't contribute value in the pursuit of your goals.

What makes a person like Elon Musk so extraordinary? How is it possible for a man with the same amount of hours as we do accomplish so much. what are the constituent parts that makes up Elon? Well to begin with he's not your average CEO. He's like a node that branches off to many other nodes, his knowledge base does not stop at rocket science. He knows product development, sales, psychology, legal, car manufacturing, and marketing. As a real estate agent you can't be one dimensional. Getting your sales person license is not the only thing to put in your arsenal, If you want a competitive edge you need to be well rounded in your knowledge base.

during these times let's not forget the core things in our business that created the success in the first place. Build your Rome brick by brick and remember the basics. Here's a great article to bring these things top of mind.